3 things the Miami Dolphins should learn from each Super Bowl team

The Miami Dolphins would be wise to approach big games like each of the teams playing in the Super Bowl
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins need to prioritize execution above all else.

I know it's quite a cliche to hear either the winning or losing team's players and coaches talk about execution. But honestly, performing the play the way it is drawn up and trusting your technique is what wins and loses most games.

Everyone wants to rag on Dan Campbell today about how he went for 4th downs instead of kicking the field goals. I get that but I also don't think they get to the NFC title game by not being that ultra-aggressive. The running the ball and having to burn a timeout, to me, was much more inexcusable.

But the 4th down plays had Josh Reynolds dropping the ball and Goff running for his life and tossing up a bad ball. Catching a football in your hands, blocking properly, and throwing footballs to your players, stuff that needs to be executed is what decides these games. It will decide the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Making less mistakes than your opponent. The Miami Dolphins didn't do that way too often against the good teams. You can get away with that against the Jets and Commanders but it doesn't fly in December and January against other playoff teams. It simply doesn't.

Everyone being prepared and mentally focused regardless of the circumstance; this is what every member of the Miami Dolphins can control. You just need to be built for it. It starts in the offseason, which is now.

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