3 things we learned as we watched the Miami Dolphins get sweet revenge from the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The offensive line played out of their mind

When you see that Terron Armstead isn't playing and that you're going up against Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack, you don't have many fun thoughts about what Tua has to do to be able to get the ball to his receivers.

Well, that offensive line made up of Kendall Laam, Isaiah Wynn, Connor Williams, Robert Hunt, and Austin Jackson looked like America's Navy out in the ocean blocking anything from getting too close to home.

Yes, Tua navigated the pocket like he was Magellan and Mike McDaniel put Tua in positions that would be the best chance of him being able to get the ball to his receivers, but the offensive line went out there and treated the rush of the Chargers like they were a JV team out there to the tune of zero sacks given up.

The running game was a slightly different matter. The backs only had 70 yards on the ground but I think we all understand that McDaniel wanted to pass the ball for the win. I'm not saying that is the way it's going to be every week or even that it should be. I'm just saying that is what it was Sunday and it ended up being correct becuase the Miami Dolphins won the game.

Even Austin Jackson, a guy you, me, and everyone have loathed for years had himself the best game of his career. Here is some of that performance.

Like how the last thing that went through the warden's head besides that bullet was how Andy Dufresne got the best of him, Joey Bosa is going to wonder how the hell Austin Jackson made him look like just a guy out there. Good for Austin Jackson.

It's good to know that Kendall Laam has the ability to step in and play top-flight football if needs to be inserted into the lineup. Here's a hint, he will get asked to do it again this season.