3 things we learned as we watched the Miami Dolphins get sweet revenge from the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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Austin Ekeler
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

It goes without saying but the defense needs to get better

I get that it's nice that the offense was the one to bail out the defense for a change but that doesn't mean I like the feeling of watching the Chargers line up and run the ball down the Dolphin's throat over and over.

This wasn't the debut the defensive guru Vic Fangio was hoping for and I fully expect him to show the guys on defense where they went wrong. That's what all that money was for and I really do think the defense improves.

My one big thing was for the Dolphin's front four to get to Justin Herbert. They didn't really get to him throughout the game. Instead, it was Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelly getting the ball. Herbert passed 33 times but it was the running game that took down Miami's defense.

It was also very curious to see Andrew Van Ginkel getting so much work at middle backer compared to David Long Jr. That just goes to show you that what you see in the preseason oftentimes means nothing.

As I said earlier, the defense did come up with the biggest plays in the biggest of moments. Minus the blue screen of death that gave us all a heart attack, the ending of the game where the defense started blitzing out of nowhere which took the Chargers and Herber by surprise was lovely. The defense that got out-physicalled all day, when they were needed most came up with the most impactful plays.

Maybe that will be how Fangio's defense will go. Get run on but when we all know you have to pass he starts bringing heat. It doesn't sound like him given what we know about his style. So maybe just get better at not getting run on for 58 minutes? Great week to get better at that with having to go up against the Patriots. I expect better play out of the defense as a whole going forward. Moving on