3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins faith restoring performance vs. Texans

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages
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It appears all is not lost. I don't actually think many really started to lose faith in the team in the middle of August. But, when some of the heavy hitters start dropping like flies to injuries and all the reports are that the offense simply isn't clicking like you would expect a year two offense with everyone back should well you get some folks a little nervous hoping for something good to happen.

That good thing certainly didn't happen on the first play of the game. In fact, the exact opposite of good occurred. Actually, it was kind of fitting and hilarious that Tua's first throw since Christmas was intercepted so effortlessly. We put so much thought and anticipation into what arm-sleeved Tua was going to look like that it was very apropos for him to throw it to the other team on his first throw. Don't ever say God/universe doesn't have a sense of humor.

I know it's the preseason and we've heard from Tua and Mike McDaniel about how they're like a college kid who is simply experimenting with the offense but I just don't like the design or decision of this play. You have Tua sprinting to his left, which is good, but you don't have any out-breaking routes or anyone really in the flat. Instead, you have Tua trying to force the ball sort of cross his body to the middle of the play. This is the exact kind of play where Tua needs to just throw it away.

You have to love Tua owning the INT after the game.

Love to hear it. Tua has had a lot of practice in "owning it" so it's no surprise that he's really good at putting it all on him. Hopefully, he doesn't have to do much of this during the season.

So at this point, some here may have said "Well, there goes the season." I'm not one of those people but I must admit I didn't feel very secure at that juncture. But hey, good on the defense for forcing a 4th down on such a short field where the Texans went for it on 4th down from their 6 and they missed.

Okay, new ball game, new drive. Not the best field position but we're good enough to make it work. First down and Connor Williams sends a high snap to Tua who barely gets it to the running back and it's almost a safety. Wonderful. I'm feeling really good after this. I'm definetly not saying "cover the field, bring out the tarp" in my best Randy Quaid impersonation, at this point.

But then a calmness came over Tua and the offense and thenbarrel preceded to dissect the Texans for 93 yards. They did it with a Thanos-like balance of running and passing that was driven by a very good rendition of blocking from the big guys up front, who had all eyes on them. Tua went 5/6 for 61 yards including three third-down completions to Durham Smythe, Tyreek Hill, who was able to accomplish this from playing Madden, and Salvon Ahmed who had a whale of a game. Tua also had one nice barrel roll compliments of his Jiu-Jitsu teacher.

The drive was capped off by Raheem Mostert who looks really fresh out there. He ran hard with vision and that speed flashed.

That was it for Tua and others from the starting offense. The INT was dreadful and poetic but the bounce-back was exactly what we wanted to see.

From there, the Miami Dolphins had their way with the Houston Texans on both sides of the ball. Skylar Thompson got the ball the rest of the way and he looked like the guy who made us weak in the knees last August.

Fangio and his defense put the Texans in a vice-grip all game and never let CJ Stroud get comfortable or let the Texans' offense get in any kind of a rhythm.

The Miami Dolphins won the game but what matters is what got accomplished during it. Here's somethings I learned.