3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins faith restoring performance vs. Texans

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages
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Jalen Pitre, Braxton Berrios
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages

The new free agents showed out

Yesterday, many of the new free recruits that the Miami Dolphins brought in looked like the guys we're hoping they will be.

Braxton Berrios led the Dolphins in receiving with 33 yards on three catches and one TD. He looked sleek out there and Tua is already looking for him on 3rd down where I think he can contribute the most on offense.

Isaiah Wynn, as I said earlier, looked like the guy who will be the starting left guard come week one. Here's an example of what good blocking looks like that leads to all the time in the world for Skylar to find one of his last options in Salvon Ahmed for a score.

That's the differene from Wynn and Liam Eichenberg.

Defensively, how can you not love what you saw David Long Jr. do out there. Roll the footage.

That's what diagnosing and reacting all within a second looks like. It's also what getting driven to the Earth's mantle looks like. David Long Jr. may just be the consistent presence in the middle of the defense that the Dolphins have desperately needed.

All three of these guys may not be household names but they are the The Other Guys that teams will have to account for after they are done racking their brains with how they're going to deal with some of our big-named, highly talented starters. Berrios, Wynn, and Long Jr. are the role players that put championship teams over the hump. They just need to be consistent.