3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins frustrating win against the Las Vegas Raiders

We learned a few things in the Miami Dolphin's frustrating victory over the Raiders.
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
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Raheem Mostert
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I believe there are two ways the Miami Dolphins offense can evolve.

We can plainly see that the Miami Dolphin's offense has been figured out a little bit. Yes, having two backup guards and what appears to be a very average Terron Armstead on the offensive line is problematic to running consistent offense. But it's week 11 and there is enough tape on what Mike McDaniel is trying to do and teams have found ways to slow the Dolphin's high-flying offense a bit.

The Dolphins still got a ton of yards but when you turn the ball over three times, miss a 4th and one in the red zone, and also miss another 50-yarder, the yards don't really matter.

How can this offense evolve in the second half of the season, especially when the weather gets more brutal? One of those ways is to run the ball more efficiently and a little more often.

I feel like everyone is calling for more runs especially when Raheem Mostert is running well enough. It hurt really bad when De'Von Achane went down on the second drive of the game and that altered what the Dolphins wanted to do a little bit. McDaniel said that Achane was trying to convince him to get back in so you would think if that's the case we will see him on Black Friday. Get ready to see him being questionable all week.

The run game will set this offense free and take less pressure off the passing game even though it is Miami's bread and butter. Hopefully, Robert Hunt can get back this week.

The other way for this offense to evolve is to spread the ball around more. Not sure about you, and I say this from a positive place, but you can't tell me the offense didn't flow really well when Tyreek Hill went down with about eight minutes left in the second quarter. I'm not advocating that Hill is bad for this offense. He's the only man on Earth who scores the Dolphin's first TD from where he caught it on the field.

On that drive, the offense didn't miss a beat. Tua hit Jaylen Waddle a few times, they threw to the backs more and it was capped off by a beautiful HB angle route for a score.

The offense doesn't always have to make sure the ball gets fed to Tyreek Hill. I don't care if he has a deal with McDaniel to make sure he gets 2,000 yards. Get more guys involved and that will make this offense even more dangerous.

Essentially, Mike McDaniel needs to be better. If this offense is going to be more consistent it's on him first.