3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins frustrating win against the Las Vegas Raiders

We learned a few things in the Miami Dolphin's frustrating victory over the Raiders.
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
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Jason Sanders
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Jason Sanders is going to cost the Miami Dolphins a win at some point.

I realize that Jason Sanders doesn't get a ton of work kicking field goals since the Miami Dolphins typically score only TDs and always go for it on 4th down. But there will be a time in a big spot where Jason Sanders is going to be asked to put up three big points and I simply don't have confidence in him right now.

As soon as he went out there for that 50-yarder, me and most people let out a collective "nope" before he even kicked it. And of course, it went wide left.

I suppose good on Mike McDaniel for sending him out there on the next drive to kick a 51-yarder because Sanders made it. Maybe that kick will be the one that gets Sanders' mind in order. I mean what else am I going to tell myself at this point? I really don't think the Dolphins will bring in another kicker at this point in the season.

I just have a strong fear there will be a point in a playoff game where the Dolphins need three points to keep pressure on a team and Sanders will be called on to get those three points. If he misses, that team has great field position and momentum. Having the flow of a game in the foot of Jason Sanders is something that keeps me up at night and what's worse is I have no idea how you rectify that fear.

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