3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins status quo loss to the Chiefs

The Miami Dolphins had another typical loss against a heavy weight.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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What a wonderful morning it was literally a day ago. I had my jersey on living it up in Harrisburg like you can only do in Harrisburg. Rammstein and swill beer were flowing and a hearty breakfast was on the horizon. Yep, a day ago I felt untouchable because I firmly felt the Miami Dolphins were going to put one on the defending champs.

Cut to around 11 AM, including day lights saving time which I thought we agreed to get rid of, and I was back to feeling that same rage that instantly gets balanced out with that typical why did I expect anything different malaise that always gets draped over me like a cloak of shame. This was right after Tyreek Hill fumbled that screen and KC, naturally, took it back to the house.

Sure, the Miami Dolphins fought hard in the second half but the damage was done and alas it was another loss to a "real" team. Yes, there are a select few "real" teams in the league, and the Miami Dolphins simply at this point are not one of them.

Yes, Any Given Sunday rules always apply but it's been 406 days since the Dolphins beat a team with a winning record. That's a problem, especially after watching the Bengals last night calmly take care of the Bills like the Dolphins calmly took care of the Patriots last week.

That's the difference between teams like the Bengals and Dolphins. They can take care of the Buffalos and 49ers of the world and it's business as usual. The Dolphins do that to the average teams and I'm supposed to think they will just win in the playoffs using some sort of blind faith?

Miami very well can get to the playoffs and win a game or two. That is very possible. But for this exact second, I have no reason to think that will happen but for as I said blind faith or if they play a middling team in the first round.

Miami has the Raiders, who are quite motivated right now in two weeks, the Jets, Commanders, Titans, and Jets again. They very well can win all of those games and be 11-3. But if that happens and I'd rather it did, I won't feel that much different than I do right now. It'll feel different if they beat Dallas or Baltimore after these next five games.

I'm far from giving up on this team. There is way too much talent for that and I ride or die with Miami. But like having a family member who always makes mistakes, I'll always love them but I will tell them they are making those mistakes and that they have to do better. That's where I'm at with the Miami Dolphins.

As McDaniel said and he was right to say it, this game was 1/17th of the season. Everything is still under Miami's control. Here's what we learned from yesterday.