3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins' sweated-out win over the New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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The Miami Dolphins are 2-0. They are 2-0 against the AFC and 1-0 in their division. The Miami Dolphins are 2-0 with both victories coming on the road naturally having a ton of travel logged. The Dolphins are 2-0 without their starting left tackle and 1-0 without their best edge rusher.

These are the facts about the Miami Dolphins and they are undisputed.

For the majority of the game last night, the Dolphins were cruising comfortably in Foxboro. The offense, in the first half, was able to go about business very seamlessly in a multitude of ways. Bill Belichick brought out the big guns and went the not-often-seen three safety work in an effort to keep Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in front of them thus forcing Miami to have to play small ball. Belichick's efforts worked but it didn't matter. McDaniel, like a chameleon adapted to the environment and ran the ball down the Patriot's throat.

McDaniel let Tua act like a young Hawkere Pierce letting him surgically carve up the defense with accurate ball after rhytmetic ball. The offense was in a very calm harmony going up and down the field not having an ounce of fear of anything the Patriots threw at them.

Defensively, Vic Fangio and company atoned for their last week's effort against the run and did not let the Patriot's run game get much traction. They equally harassed Mac Jones and made life miserable for Jones and Bill O'Brien.

At halftime, the score was 17-3 and the Dolphins looked like they were cruising to at least a 20-point victory.

Then the second half happened and the offense only had six plays in the 3rd quarter. Not great stuff there. The Patriots woke up a little bit and cut the lead to seven in the 4th quarter.

But then Raheem Mostert on the first play of a drive with about eight minutes left in the game went 43 yards for a score making it 24-10. When this happened I was all like

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But it wasn't Game Blouses and the Revolution had to make a stop to get the win.

Mac led the Patriots down to the 34-yard line and it was 4th and 4. Do or die time. Mac got the ball to Mike Gesikci of all people who in very Mike Gesicki fashion couldn't break a tackle, therefore, he lateraled the ball to Cole Strange who came up inches short of the line to the gain and he was short of the line to gain regardless of what Boston media personality just wants the refs to give it to the Patriots because hey they tried really hard and that play was ridiculous.

It was as Miami Dolphins of a win as you'll see. They're in cruise control but don't actually put the game out of reach only to need the last minute to eventually win. A tale as old as time when it comes to Miami victories.

The important is that the Dolphins did win and improved their record. Sure, there are things to get better at and some top-tier guys need to get healthy and or come back from being injured. No doubt about that but that's just about every team in the league.

Right now outside of the 49ers, there isn't a more complete team. Mike McDaniel has these guys hungry, focused and for possibly the first time in many decades, teams and fans are fearing going up against the Miami Dolphins. That's so cool to know. Here's what we learned in last night's game.