3 things we learned watching the Miami Dolphins smash the Broncos into a fine paste

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Tyreek Hill
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

McDaniel is coming up with new wrinkles to the offense and they are working almost flawlessly.

Mike McDaniel is evolving right before our eyes. He's designing new ways to run plays like a mad scientist but even mad scientists have some misses. McDaniel is creating new plays, new angles, new formations, new motions, and new ways to set Tua up as if he's a combination of Einstein, Tesla, and Doc Brown.

Every week he is taking the prior week's plays and morphing them just a little bit into something the defense hasn't seen yet.

Take this TD run by Raheem Mostert. Tua opens up the opposite way and reverse pivots while Achane goes into motion. Then, Mostert gets the handoff and goes to the opposite side of the line for an easy, untouched score. Miami hasn't run anything like that yet but now they have and now teams have to prepare for it.

Okay, let's look at possibly the most jaw-dropping score out of the 10 the Dolphins accomplished.

There's so much you have to pay attention to if you're the defense. You have Tyreek Hill coming in motion. Then, you have Tua opening up like a pass to the left and he is staring down Hill coming his way only for him to hit Achane with a Jason Williams(I know everyone is going Magic Johnson here but I'm white chocolate) esque no-look pass for six. Poetry in motion is a major understatement in describing this play.

These are only two examples of McDaniel's making that year-two jump a painful reality for opposing defenses. There are more. The fear that McDaniel has instilled into defenses and their coaching staff is incredible to see in real time.

What's jumping out to me the most is how McDaniel is helping the offensive line out with how he is setting Tua up on passing plays. He's having him get to certain spots behind the line of scrimmage and the offensive line that is conducive for the offensive line thus putting Tua in the most optimal position to be able to go downfield. It's wildly impressive to me and it's only been three games.

The other aspect of the offense that is blowing me away due to how precise you need to be about the details is the angles McDaniel is creating for ball carriers. Every reverse, every swing pass, and every run is creating unreal angles for defenders to chase down the guy with the ball. Coupled with the outrageous speed this team and it makes facing the Dolphins a complete nightmare.

It's only been three games meaning there is so much that McDaniel hasn't even thought of yet. Who knows what this team will be doing by week nine? You might see a hidden ball trick where the ball is under Durham Smythe's jersey or a play where Tua makes Braxton Berrios disappear only for him to be sitting on the goalpost the whole time with the ball.

Oh, and Jaylen Waddle didn't even play. Think about the evolution of this offense when Waddle gets back, hopefully this week.