3 things we learned watching the Miami Dolphins smash the Broncos into a fine paste

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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De'Von Achane
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De'Von Achane is a complete back and can run between the tackles.

I have to tell you, I had my doubts after De'Von Achane was a healthy scratch in week one. I didn't like the vibe that was being put out there. I figured it had to be because he didn't have the playbook down or they worried about his blocking.

Then Achane played last week and he did fine. He only had a few touches and nothing was remarkable.

Cut to yesterday and now I can firmly say that De'Von Achane isn't just a gadget player with a ton of speed ala Jakeem Grant. No, De'Von Achane can do pretty much anything you ask him to do, and lord help you if you're a defender and Acahne has any kind of a crease because if he does then it's Katy bar the door.

First off, if you're not following @B_Shousejr on Twitter, X, or whatever they're calling it today, you really need to. Secondly, not a bad statline for Achane am I right?

Tough running, catching the ball well, balance, and oh that lovely, lovely speed. It comes in handy when everyone else on the team runs a 4.3.

I can't 100% say I remember too much of Achane blocking so if you'd like to inform me of that by all means let me know.

But the idea that Achane is just going to be this nice player that McDaniel will sprinkle in there might be put to bed. I'm not saying that Achane should expect a workload like that in the future but it's nice to know that if Mostert is out the Dolphins should be in good hands with Achane.

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