3 under-the-radar Dolphins players who could break out on offense in 2024

Will these players take their game to the next level?
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2. OL Austin Jackson

One of the best things that happened last year was the resurrection of Austin Jackson. Jackson was thought to be buying his time until his inevitable release. Things never went well for him here in Miami right from when he was oddly drafted back in 2020 out of USC. He was 20 when he was drafted and he was deemed another Chris Grier first-round project that didn't need to happen. He struggled for his first three seasons, often being ridiculed by many fans, including myself.

Expectations were very low for Jackson entering last year and many thought it was a bad idea to have him be Tua Tagovailoa's starting blindside tackle. We were wrong, because Jackson put together a very productive season where he started 16 games. It really was unbelievable to watch him handle his business so smoothly week after week. We waited for him to falter, but he never did. He just went out there and did his thing and he parlayed last season into a long-term deal, which now amazingly we love.

The combination of offensive line coach Butch Barry's tutelage and Jackson's will to get better and not listen to the folks like me, have made him a pro. However, there is more meat on that bone and Jackson can achieve more. Like most, Jackson was dealing with injuries toward the end of the year. He actually probably shouldn't have been out there at times, but he gutted through it.

Yes, like everyone, avoiding injuries is the secret sauce for all these players. With that said, Jackson has the ability to not just be a serviceable/solid right tackle, but can take a leap all the way to competing for a Pro Bowl spot. That's where he can go this season.