3 upsides to Brandon Staley if he becomes the Miami Dolphins next DC

If Brandon Staley becomes the next defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins, there are some good things that come along with that reality.
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Somewhere over this weekend, former Los Angeles Chargers head coach, Brandon Staley, will be interviewing to be the next defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins.

Now, if you by chance follow me on Twitter or X (I'm getting tired of making this distinction but we really don't know what to call it) you may have noticed that when the news came down that Brandon Staley was being brought in to interview for the position, I didn't handle it well. I'm not saying I went full Coach Klein from The Waterboy and started making phone calls on phones that weren't plugged into high heels, but I reacted in not-stellar ways.

I wouldn't love the hiring of Brandon Staley. I'd accept it because what choice would I have if that's the way it went down? But I wouldn't be pumped in the beginning.

My main reason why I don't like the hire of Brandon Staley comes down to player management. I already feel that things are running very loose in Miami with how Mike McDaniel operates. I see Brandon Stayley as another "let's take it easy on these guys" type of coach.

This isn't to say that I want some Cromagnum-type coach to come in here(no that isn't what Dan Campbell is. Dan Campbell is genuine and knows what he's doing) and rip players' faces off for tying their shoes wrong.

I want balance with the next defensive coach of the Miami Dolphins. I want a coach with the ability to reach the players by developing open lines of communication and trust in a genuine fashion while being able to hold players accountable. Accountability is something that is sorely lacking in Miami

I don't know Brandon Staley but nothing about how his Chargers tenure screams that players love this guy and would go through walls for him.

Maybe I'm wrong about him altogether. If becomes the next defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins there are some positive things he brings to the table.