3 upsides to Brandon Staley if he becomes the Miami Dolphins next DC

If Brandon Staley becomes the next defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins, there are some good things that come along with that reality.
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Jalen Ramsey is fully endorsing Brandon Staley.

Jalen Ramsey, regardless of who is out there next year for the Miami Dolphins on defense, will be the best player on the field.

I don't know if that makes him the bonified leader of the defense. That depends if Christian Wilkins and Jerome Baker are brought back. But he certainly will be the most talented. That means something to the other players.

If you have the best player on your side, it's much easier to get everyone else to believe in what you are doing. Vic Fangio didn't have that and that is one of the reasons things didn't work out on Miami.

Jalen Ramsey telling the rest of the guys on defense that listening to what Staley says is huge in getting the point across. I also don't think many of the young guys would cross Ramsey so that helps.

Who knows who will be the next defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins? Not me. As I said in the beginning, I won't be super-stoked if it is Brandon Staley. But like the fan I am if that is what happens, I will slowly convince myself that it was the correct hire and that folks better look out for the Dolphin's defense next year. That is the way.

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