3 ways the Miami Dolphins could replace Isaiah Wynn after his injury Sunday night

The Miami Dolphins are not giving any big updates on the injury that left guard Isaiah Wynn suffered on Sunday night but they are terming it as a "weeks" type situation.
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The Miami Dolphins' offensive line has been playing very well this year and part of that reason is the play of left guard, Isaiah Wynn. Now, the Dolphins are going to have to find a replacement for him.

According to Mike McDaniel, Wynn suffered an injury that will take him out "weeks" not just days or a game or two. It isn't good news for a team that already is without Connor Williams and Terron Armstead.

So who replaces him? The Dolphins have options, just not very good ones and it could lead to a deal with another team but not likely.

The "Next Man Up" option might be the best for the Dolphins.

On Sunday night, Lester Cotton stepped into the role. The Dolphins have Robert Jones available and once he is added back to the roster after his IR stint, it would make the most sense to replace Wynn. Cotton struggled against very good defensive linemen.

Street free agency could be an option as well for the Dolphins.

There are not a lot of options on the street market for Miami. If they absolutely need someone, they will have plenty of options but none of them are going to make a major impact immediately.

They could go with younger guys like Jake Hanson or Chandler Brewer while giving up the experience of others. They could dip into the Michael Dieter pool and let him play center and move Eichenberg back to guard. Neither are good options.

On the older side, Rodger Saffold is 34 years old and Tom Compton is 33. There are a few others but notably, no one that is going to provide Miami with a big boost.

Dolphins could move someone from the practice squad.

Miami could elevate someone from the practice squad as a final option but there isn't anyone there that is worth the promotion at this point.

Ryan Hayes is listed as a tackle and I'm not sure he can slide inside to guard given his lack of experience. Chasen Hines has a year of experience in the NFL but minimal playing time at best maybe undrafted rookie Alama Uluave gets a nod.

Overall, the Dolphins' best option is Robert Jones and that is what we should see happen in the coming days when we know more about Wynn's injury but more than likely, as it sounds now, Wynn will likely head to IR at some point if what McDaniel believes to be "weeks".