3 wide receivers that would be ideal fits for the Miami Dolphins in this year's draft

The Miami Dolphins regardless if they sign one need another receiver and the NFL Draft is where they need to get one.
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If the Miami Dolphins go big game hunting in the 1st round, Brian Thomas Jr. is their man.

For the record, I would not advise Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins to draft a receiver with the 21st pick in the draft. As I said, the draft is deep when it comes to wide receivers meaning if Miami wants to wait later in the draft, they can still get a quality player that can help this year.

But, if Mike McDaniel gets in Chris Grier's ear and tells him the only thing better than two stud receivers is three stud receivers, then Brian Thomas Jr. from LSU is the guy to get.

Brian Thomas Jr. is the big bodies receiver the Miami Dolphins sorely need. This isn't to say the Dolphins can't use another slender fast guy. You can always use guys like that. But we saw over the past two years as the weather changes and the games have higher stakes, defenses push around the burners Miami has. A receiver with some size, who can also fly, and who wouldn't get pushed around would be a near perfect fit. That's Brian Thomas Jr.

Thomas Jr. is 6'3 and ran a 4.3. I feel like I don't have to say too much after that. But I will. Brian Thomas Jr. had 68 catches for 1,177 yards and 17 TDs for the Tigers last year. Sure, his team was loaded with talent and yes Malik Neighbors was on the opposite of him and the Heisman trophy winner was throwing him the ball. I don't care. Brian Thomas Jr. played great and showed that what he does translates into what today's NFL is.