3 wide receivers that would be ideal fits for the Miami Dolphins in this year's draft

The Miami Dolphins regardless if they sign one need another receiver and the NFL Draft is where they need to get one.
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On day three potentially, Brenden Rice from USC would be a solid addition to the Miami Dolphins.

I watched a fair amount of USC games not to watch Caleb Williams but because USC games are frequently, my last chance to get to even. When I did watch, Brenden Rice often made a nice catch.

His stats aren't gaudy from last year. He had 45 catches for 791 yards but he did have a 17.6 yards per catch average. Sounds like a big-play guy that defenses would have to pay attention to if he shows that he can play NFL football.

You would think being the son of the greatest wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice, would mean that he would have a pretty good idea of what NFL receiving looks like. I'm going to go ahead and assume that.

Rice is listed at 6'3 210LBs, which compared to the other receivers on the Miami Dolphins would make him Andre the Giant. He ran a 4.5, which isn't slow. It's not the standard 4.4 that has been ingrained in our heads since we were 10 years old, but running a 4.5 at 6'3 is very impressive.

Rice isn't a physical specimen like Brandon Marshall or anything like that. He's a little more slender which again may make him have trouble with press coverage. I like to think coaching and scheme can help some of that but I know that some guys are who they are.

I just like how Rice handled himself on the football field. He brought an alpha mentality to USC and he showed that when going up for some tough catches.

A day three pick on Brenden Rice would be a very solid move.

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