3 young Miami Dolphins players who have to prove they belong in 2023 or get cut in 2024

Can the Miami Dolphins continue to wait for players to develop from coaching staff to coaching staff or is there a time that you have to just call it quits and move on?

Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel looks on during a press
Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel looks on during a press / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins will open training camp next week for rookies with veterans to follow shortly thereafter. This year could be critical for several younger players.

Throughout camps, dreams are realized and shot to hell all at the same time. For many players, training camp is a final road of unrealized ambition but in this era of football, nothing is absolutely over. With arena league and other outlets for football, players still get chances beyond the NFL but as we all know, the NFL is where the dreams begin.

By the time September rolls around, players will know their fate and it all starts over the next couple of weeks but for some players who have been through this before, 2023 could be that pivotal camp that they need to shine in or perhaps find out the future won't last beyond this year, at least not in Miami.

Beyond the bubble and fringe players that will try and impress the coaches, there are other players who have been around and will make this year's team but it is this year that may be their last if they don't prove they belong.

Channing Tindall - There was a lot of hype surrounding Tindall after he was drafted last year but so far, Miami hasn't seen much from him. Many rightfully question if the system was the problem last year and coaching. Tindall struggled to get on to the field and while the Dolphins are not likely going to move on from him this year, should he have a similar season to last year, Miami may not view him as a future prospect to keep at LB.

Tindall is just one player in list that continues to ebb and flow like tides from year to year.

Another player that will have, maybe, one year to prove they deserve more attention is Noah Igbinoghene. There should be no more time spent on seeing where he is developmentally. For Noah, 2023 camp should be the sign.

Can Vic Fangio mold him into the player Chris Grier thought he was drafting when he took him in the first round. Igbinoghene is a talented athlete that has yet to realize his potential but if we are being honest, how much more time does he need to develop before you, as the GM realize you need to move on?

At WR, Erik Ezukanma was a big let down last year but was that his fault or a system that he simply wasn't able to grasp? He spent most of the season inactive and contributed little later in the season when he was active.

This year, he will have a second full-off-season to learn the playbook and maybe things start to click but if they don't, Miami may want to reconsider the longer plan of development beyond the 2023 season.

There is a lot to like about his potential and upside but if he can't contribute, even in small but consistent ways, it might be time to rethink the roster spot. It would be ashame to see Ezukanma follow similar paths of mid-round receiver selections of the past.