4 biggest Dolphins questions leading up to training camp

The Miami Dolphins have some big questions hanging out there as training camp approaches.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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We just entered the month of July and you know what that means - training camp is around the corner for the Miami Dolphins. Until things get started, not much of note will really happen throughout the NFL. Although this is a 'boring' time of year, that doesn't mean Miami won't have any fireworks on the way.

Rookies will be reporting to camp on July 16 and everyone else will be showing up on July 23. The schedule has July 28 as the first day of sessions, while things will be wrapped up on Aug. 15 with a joint practice with the Commanders.

So, as you gear up for those vacations or if you're already three sheets to the wind sampling beverages with umbrellas in them, let's discuss some questions concerning the Miami Dolphins as training camp inches closer:

4. Will Tua Tagovailoa get extended or not?

Let's get the obvious out of the way. The No. 1 question for the Miami Dolphins and potentially the NFL at the moment is will the Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa agree to a long-term deal before training camp starts?

Currently, it seems we're at a bit of a stalemate where, reportedly, the Dolphins have offered Tua a contract that is not at the ever-elusive "market value" sweet spot. That sweet spot appears to be at what Trevor Lawerence got extended to not long ago.

Is that 100 percent accurate? Who knows. Jeff Darlington said it one day and nobody has really refuted it. All that has been said is that the Dolphins are committed to signing Tagovailoa to a long-term deal and are still trying to reach an agreement.

It'd be nice if something got figured out sooner rather than later. I've contended from the beginning that Tagovailoa and the Dolphins will figure this out and get a deal done. However, could a holdout be on the way if Chris Grier doesn't put the right amount of money on the table?

Tagovailoa is a nice guy and has done everything asked of him in terms of getting his body to a place of playing every game and he has even lost weight this offseason to improve the offense. However, I don't see him accepting a reality where he gets franchised tagged or plays out the fifth-year option. It just wouldn't make sense for him. This adds pressure on Grier to get something done ASAP.