4 biggest Dolphins questions leading up to training camp

The Miami Dolphins have some big questions hanging out there as training camp approaches.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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1. What is Mike McDaniel scheming up in the lab?

We'd like to think Mike McDaniel is up in the mountains in Tibet with all the monks in a massive room with torches on the wall by himself just thinking up ways to get his playmakers the ball and not just focus on fades at the goal line.

We won't find out if McDaniel has learned from his mistakes such as forcing the ball to Hill over and over again and refusing to run the ball in short yardage until the games begin. But, he can work on developing schemes on using his talented offense in the best ways possible.

Make no mistake, this unit is better than last year's offense. It's better because Odell Beckham Jr. is a legit No. 3 receiver, pending he's healthy, Jonnu Smith is a viable pass-catching tight end, and the backfield are all back. Raheem Mostert may be 32, but he has the wear and tear of a 28-year-old running back. De'Von Achane is bulked up - that makes him better. Even the rookie Jaylen Wright appears like a player that has no good reason not to be an effective player if he gets in there.

McDaniel needs to come up with several ways to incorporate everybody, thus taking the pressure off of Hill and Waddle, which naturally leads those guys to be healthier late in the season. It's on McDaniel to make that happen.