4 conspiracy theories coming out of the Miami Dolphins win over the Chargers

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Mike McDaniel, De'Von Achane
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Why was De'Von Achane made inactive?

I know De'Von Achane has a bit of an injury that he's been dealing with a shoulder injury but he didn't have an injury designation heading into week one.

Sunday morning happens, we're all feeling jazzed to see the Miami Dolphins play football. We just got done watching Jahmyr Gibbs look real fast on Thursday night and we all wanted to see our guy go fast out there with his other fast friends.

But we didn't get that. Instead, we were told this;

When I saw that, my tin foil hat got a bit tighter and I started thinking about other reasons why De'Von Achane wasn't listed as one of the gameday players. Was it really because of that shoulder injury and the team wanted to give him another week or is something else going on?

Can it be that De'Von Achane isn't where he should be in terms of knowing the complete playbook? Stuff like that happens and although you don't want that to be the case, it might be reality for now. Or, can it be that the coaching staff are not comfortable with how De'Von Chane is in pass-blocking? I can see that being plausible. We always hear about how running backs absolutely need to be able to identify the man they have on blitz pickup. In this offense backs needing to block is paramount due to all the timing this offense is built on.

We may never know what happened to De'Von Achane. Perhaps we will learn more about this as we get closer to Sunday and especially on Sunday morning when the inactie lists come out.