4 conspiracy theories coming out of the Miami Dolphins win over the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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Jason Sanders
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Did Jason Sanders actaully miss that last extra point?

I'm not saying that we need a Warren Commission like investigation here. I'm demanding that something with more integrity than the Warren Commission needs to be launched to see if Jason Sanders actually missed his last extra point.

I have no idea how Trent Green and Kevin Harlan didn't even have one thought about the possibility of Jason Sander's extra point being potentially good. They just accepted what the refs, I mean what the authority said and were good with that.

Open your eyes, folks. That extra point appeared like it went over the top of the post on the inside meaning it should have been good.

That was a huge call that was casually made the refs. It made the game a two point game and it gave the Chargers only needing 35ish yards.

Miami went out, went back to southpaw ala Rocky Balboa in Rocky 2, and brought the heat on Herbert and the Dolphins took care of business in Los Angeles.

But the point is there needs to be more talked about how they took a point off the board for the Miami Dolphins. That can't happen unless they want it to happen. They are lucky the Chargers didn't get that field goal because there would have been a storming off the NFL league office just like everyone was going to bum-rush Area 51.

Keep your eyes and ears open and don't accept the part line that's being fed to us. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe and I will do my part to expose what's going on out there. Will you?

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