4 Dolphins players who must prove they can't be replaced after this season

These players will have extra pressure on them this campaign.
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The Miami Dolphins are about to unload a lot of cash at Tua Tagovailoa's doorstep. After they do, they will finally have an idea of what their salary cap situation will look like for the next five years. That will be huge as it relates to player retention.

While these players are not on the bubble this year, what they do this season could have a big impact on whether they are here or looking for a payday somewhere else:

4. Jevon Holland

Jevon Holland is going to want a big paycheck, but Dolphins fans better get used to hearing he may leave in free agency. Holland could play himself out of the Dolphins' plans with a big season in 2024, or he may very well prove to the team that they can't operate without him.

Miami didn't draft his replacement last April, and had they taken an early safety in the draft, the writing may have been on the wall. Chris Grier said his kids are big fans of Holland, but that won't be enough to get pen to paper on a new deal.

Holland has shown that he can be a top safety in the NFL. He is bordering on becoming elite, but even though some will argue he already is, he isn't. Not yet. Consistency and health will go a long way in determining his status in the NFL down the road. He has the tools to be an elite safety, but we have not seen all of it yet on the field. He needs to become a game changer, and if he can do that in 2024, he will send the Dolphins the clearest message he can that he deserves the payday.