4 Dolphins players who must prove they can't be replaced after this season

These players will have extra pressure on them this campaign.
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2. Jason Sanders

Jason Sanders is not set to be a free agent after the 2024 season, but he should be on notice that a poor campaign could spell the end of his career in Miami. The Dolphins have paid him well and they have shown commitment to him by not bringing in camp competition.

Last year, Sanders rebounded for his third best season as a pro. He was back on track and improved his field goal percentage and his kick reliability outside of the 50-yard line. The big question is can he continue to improve or at the very least stay consistently the same?

If Sanders can't put up similar numbers to last year, he is sending the wrong message to the Dolphins unless those numbers are higher and in that case, maybe he can make a case to get another extension that pays him more. He restructured his contract this past offseason to help with the cap, but now he has to show that last year was the type of kicker he is. No one wants to see the guy from the previous two years.

With the NFL rule changes regarding kickoffs this year, it will be interesting to see how the Dolphins approach this part of the game. Will Sanders be able to put the ball consistently in the "catch-zone" or will the ball carry into the end zone for a touchback? The rules will then put the ball out further on the field if it is a touchback.

Sanders' value to the team will be what he can do on field-goal attempts, and 2024 could be the year he proves he has more value to the team than he currently does because he doesn't want to show them the opposite.