4 Dolphins players who need to show up in 2024 or find a new team in 2025

It's time for these guys to finally step up for the Dolphins in 2024.
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3. Erik Ezukanma

A neck injury forced Erik Ezukanma to consider quitting the NFL, but if he can't get on the field and make plays in 2024, there shouldn't be a 2025. If he gets to the season at all. It's up in the air if the youngster will make the 53-man roster.

In his rookie season, Ezukanma looked like he was going to break out. He had a fantastic training camp, OTAs, and mini-camps, but once the season arrived, he couldn't jockey for playing time. That wasn't a huge deal. He was a rookie after all. Last year, however, his training camp and off season practices were not great, and then he spent time inactive and finally injured.

That's why 2024 is an important year for EZ-E as he is referred to by the fans. He needs to make a big impact not only during practice sessions, but in preseason as well. The Dolphins WRs group is good with three of six positions already taken. That makes for an interesting competition for the final three spots and will include two rookie draft picks hoping to make the team as well. EZ-E may not find himself on the 53-man roster, but he would be a practice squad option. If he can't develop more on the PS, 2025 may see him trying to latch on with another team.