4 Dolphins players who need to show up in 2024 or find a new team in 2025

It's time for these guys to finally step up for the Dolphins in 2024.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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2. Liam Eichenberg

Liam Eichenberg will be a free agent following the 2024 season. Part of me believes he has value as a depth player, given his ability to play tackle, guard, and center. The other part of me sees a player that plays just well enough to stick around. Normally, for a backup you wouldn't care, but in Miami, Grier sees something else.

Eichenberg is inconsistent, and even when he is playing at his best, he is still barely average. His value to the team is coming off the bench and finishing a game, it isn't starting week to week. While Dolphins fans would hope Miami finds a way to improve their offensive line, Grier is content to keep pushing Eichenberg.

With Eichenberg heading to free agency after the season, it would be quite surprising if he was offered an extension, but fans need to be aware, Grier may view him as a versatile guy who is continuing to mature as a player. He may also see him as a guy that he can keep around on a cheap deal.