4 Dolphins players who need to show up in 2024 or find a new team in 2025

It's time for these guys to finally step up for the Dolphins in 2024.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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1. Jason Sanders

Miami has been good to Jason Sanders. They paid him well, and he has been okay. Luckily, the Dolphins' offense doesn't require as much work. The new kickoff rules will be interesting as well because the out-of-the-end zone stuff will not be seen much in 2024.

Sanders' best two seasons came in his rookie year and in 2021. Last year he played better, but he was still at only 85 percent in field goals made. His best two seasons were above 90 percent. Regardless, it was an improvement over the previous two seasons.

Still under contract, Sanders has little room for error and if he stays the same or regresses, the Dolphins might need to find a new kicker in 2025. He needs to step his game up if he wants to be back after this fall and winter.