4 Dolphins undrafted rookies who have a legitimate shot to make the roster

Could these Miami UDFAs be around once Week 1 gets here?
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3. Ohio State guard Matthew Jones

The Dolphins may have found a gem in the after-draft market. Matthew Jones is an impressive offensive lineman who can play both guard and center. The former Buckeye comes from a top college program with six seasons at that level.

Miami will see great competition from Jones who could push for a roster spot and there are some in the media who believe he can climb the depth chart. He plays fast and aggressive with good balance and strength. Lester Cotton and Chasen Hines could be two players that he competes with for what could be the final offensive line roster position.

2. Louisville CB Storm Duck

Yes, he has a great name, but can Storm Duck make a big enough impact to warrant a spot on the 53? He will have to compete strongly if he will. The Dolphins have a good core at the cornerback position, so Duck will have to be impressive throughout camp and honestly, playing special teams may not help him get a spot. That being said, there is a lot to like about him and he has good range and height for a boundary corner.

Duck spent four years with North Carolina before transferring to Louisville. It will be an uphill climb for the undrafted rookie, but not impossible. Great work during OTAs and minicamps will do well for him and catch the attention of the coaching staff, who will then likely give him more work in training camp.