4 Miami Dolphins players that could explode like 4th of July fireworks in 2023

Canada Day Fireworks in Toronto
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The Miami Dolphins 2023 season could be a special one and as the season start inches closer and training camp comes into view, the excitement and expectations are rising.

Miami will need a TTE, total team effort, to pull off a Super Bowl season but they have the talent on both sides of the ball. They also have the right coaching staff to bring it all together. No matter who is responsible singularly, in the end the failures and success will be everyone's.

Still, players will rise and players will shine and those playmakers will be the difference in a play working for Miami or not. They will define games and situations and that is the difference between winning and losing. Here are four players on this 2023 roster, on this 2023 4th of July that could explode like fireworks.

Jevon Holland is already good but Jevon Holland doesn't come with an elite status next to his name. That changes in 2023.

In Vic Fangio's system, the safety position is one of the most needed positions on the field and Miami just so happens to have one of the best up and coming safeties in the NFL. Holland is on the verge of a breakout season. Not on a Dolphins level but on a national one.

Holland fits perfectly with the Fangio system. He is a tough football player who can hit and can slide into coverage as needed. With Fangio, expect him to remain deeper as he likes the two-high safety look and that will give Holland a better chance to read the field.

In 2023, we should expect Holland to become elite.