4 Miami Dolphins players that could explode like 4th of July fireworks in 2023

Canada Day Fireworks in Toronto
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The Miami Dolphins will need to rely on all 53 players on the roster but some will stand out more than others, as is the case for Braxton Berrios.

Braxton Berrios is not going to become an elite WR in 2023 but he could become a Wes Welker type that gets a lot of reps on the field and makes the most of every touch.

In Miami's offense we tend to focus on the Hill's and Waddle's or a running back or two but Berrios stands to make a huge impact on the roster.

Defensive coaches will not game plan for Berrios. They will try and stop Miami's two top WRs. If Miami were to add Dalvin Cook, they would scheme to stop Cook as a secondary weapon but in both cases, Berrios is the one player left to be covered by a linebacker and that is a match-up Tua Tagovailoa should salivate at.

Berrios is more than a return specialist and was not used properly in the Jets offense. In MIami, McDaniel has to get Tua used to dropping the ball to Berrios if his first two reads are covered.

Braxton Berrios has a nice combination of speed and quickness. He can run very good routes, has good hands, and his vision while carrying the ball may be better than most WRs in the league. He simply knows how to move in and out of traffic, something he learned well as a return man.