4 Miami Dolphins players that could explode like 4th of July fireworks in 2023

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When the 2023 Miami Dolphins season comes to a close, Christian Wilkins could be the best defender on the team's roster.

Wilkins is entering a contract year and if he doesn't sign a new deal by the time the season begins, he will play on the 5th year option and will likely head into free agency in 2024 but this year could be the one that gets him the NFL recognition that he needs.

Wilkins is very good and if it were not for the fact he doesn't play with a mean streak like Aaron Donald, he might very well be considered much higher on the list of DTs across the league. Wilkins' issue is he is jovial and fun loving and DTs are not typically like that.

In 2022 he posted 98 tackles. This year he should improve and his 3.5 sack total last season should also improve. Of his 98 tackles, 16 were for a loss.

Wilkins stands to breakout, he is overdue and while Miami Dolphins fans know him well, the rest of the NFL is about to find out who he is and what he is capable of. Wilkins isn't the type of player that will slack off with a new contract in hand but he may very well explode without one forcing Miami to pay more or to watch him walk. Something that could happen.