4 Players the Miami Dolphins should return to the store they bought them from

The Miami Dolphins have a great roster but there are holes in it and some of those holes are filled with players that should be returned.

Aug 11, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Miami Dolphins punter Jake Bailey (16) punts the ball
Aug 11, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins punter Jake Bailey (16) punts the ball / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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Another non-popular opinion with many Miami Dolphins fans is the situation with Jason Sanders and you have to wonder why Chris Grier jumped on that sale.

Jason Sanders - $2.4 million (restructured earlier in 2023)

Jason Sanders has managed to climb to the top of the Miami Dolphins list of most accurate kickers in team history. Yes, you read that correctly. At 82.6%, Sanders is the most accurate kicker in Dolphins history.

It is a hard pill to swallow because he is also inconsistent, unreliable outside of the 50, and isn't perfect on extra points.

In 2023, Sanders is nearly perfect from inside the 50. He has one miss in the 40-49 range. He has attempted only 9 kicks from that range this year. When the ball is outside of the 50, he has 3 attempts and only one made.

In 2022, he was 26 of 32 attempts on the season.

Sanders isn't flashy by any means and while he has yet to cost the Dolphins a big game (knock on wood) he needs to be better. Is the new trend in the NFL (going for it on 4th down) causing his number of attempts to drop or is it a lack of considerable faith in his ability to make the kicks?

Sanders has only made 17 kicks in 30 attempts outside of the 50 in his career and 8 of those came in 2020 that led to his new contract extension. Overall, he has made 135 of 164 attempts in his career.

Some look at his stats as not a big deal but I question anyone who believes that when he is called upon, there are no doubts the ball will go through the uprights. If at the very least, the Dolphins need to find competition for him this off-season.

Black Friday Return: $408k savings against a $2.8 million hit.