4 remaining free agents with Miami Dolphins connections

Several free agents still have ties to the Dolphins if they want to kick those tires.
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3. Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins don't need Ryan Tannehill right now, but fans shouldn't rule out a reunion just yet. There is a big cloud hanging over the Dolphins facility these days, and it is raining money. Tua Tagovailoa is without a contract and the two sides don't appear close on a new deal.

Will Tua play or even practice without a new contract? The practice part may end up being a no and that will hurt the development of the team. Tagovailoa is good, but is not good enough to miss practices without some setbacks. The Dolphins can't afford any.

Tannehill is worth watching because if the Dolphins do get into trouble with Tagovailoa either from a contractual holdout or injury, Miami has no one behind their starter that is capable of leading the team to the playoffs, let alone a division title.

The Dolphins should keep an open line of communication with Tannehill just in case, and a reunion in Miami may be balked at, but it shouldn't be ruled out. With this offense, Tannehill could actually thrive and lead the team to success.