4 things I think we know about the Miami Dolphins at the halfway point

We're just about halfway through the NFL season and I think there are some firm, things we can state about the Miami Dolphins.
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Connor Williams
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Connor Williams is more valuable than Terron Armstead at this point for the Miami Dolphins.

Though Connor Williams has missed the last two games due to injury, which if you're keeping score at home is still four more games played this year than Terron Armstead.

In the last two games that Williams has missed, the running game production has plummeted. Yes, those games were against the Eagles and Patriots who both house very good run defenses. But still, it happened while Williams was being replaced with Liam Eichenberg.

Armstead missed the first few games of the year and then came back for Buffalo only to have the same Eichenberg thrown into his legs. A bit of bad luck but it's not surprising that bad injury luck has fallen on Armstead. He gets hurt every year for multiple stints and that's just the way it is.

Fortunately, for everyone associated with the Miami Dolphins, Kendall Lamm filled in incredibly for Armstead. The Dolphin's offense hasn't missed a beat regardless of how it is designed to get the ball out of Tua's hand at a Quicksilver pace.

Currently, Lamm has around a 93% pass block rate and he's a backup. He's a backup that is considerably better than Liam Eichenberg which plainly means that Connor Williams is more valuable to have out there than Armstead.

I'm not saying that when both are good to go Williams is a better player than Armstead. But it's probably a lot closer than most think.