4 things I think we know about the Miami Dolphins at the halfway point

We're just about halfway through the NFL season and I think there are some firm, things we can state about the Miami Dolphins.
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Jake Bailey
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Miami Dolphins' Jake Bailey has been a major downgrade over Thomas Morstead.

Why did the Dolphins have to let Thomas Morstead go? Did you see him singlehandedly win the game against the Giants last week? Yeah, that happened.

Miami got rid of Morstead and replaced him with Jake Bailey who every week kicks a few balls that end up hurting the team. Just this week the Dolphins punted on a short field and naturally Bailey had to send it deep into the endzone.

Currently, Jake Bailey ranks 32 out of 32 punters in terms of average punts per punt. He's ranked 26 at net punting as well which is also gross.

There's going to be a game where Jake Bailey puts the team in a rough spot and I'm going to erupt because they could have been smarter and just signed Thomas Morstead back who everyone knew was better.

It's why in the last slide I said the Dolphins free agent signings were "mostly" hits. Jake Bailey is a swing and a miss where the batter falls down.