4 underrated Miami Dolphins players that will make a huge impact in 2024

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No matter what the Miami Dolphins do with the rest of free agency, offensive line will still be a concern.

Number 2: Jack Driscoll

Jack Driscoll is a player that could surprise some fans this year. He lacks the higher experience that other guards may have but he has played all of the offensive line positions. With the Dolphins offensive line continually changing, Driscoll should get a shot to play.

Terron Armstead will not make it through a full season and while Austin Jackson did last year, he hasn't in the previous three seasons. Miami also doesn't have a sure starter at either guard position which will allow Driscoll to compete for one of them.

Driscoll has only a handful of starts in his career with the Eagles but he has started and that could drive him to become the starter in Miami at one of either right or left guard. Could he put Liam Eichenberg out of a job? It is possible.