4 undrafted free agent rookies to watch at Miami Dolphins training camp

Again, the Dolphins are hoping some undrafted rookies will make an impact.
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1. Gavin Hardison

Hardison is more than a long shot to make the 53-man roster and in fact, he is a long shot to make the practice squad, but he is also worth watching closely during this year's training camp. The former UTEP quarterback shouldn't have been drafted, but this is one of those cases of finding a player who just might have more to offer than his draft status. Hardison has a big arm and can move around the pocket. He needs work and time to develop, but Miami will try to bring out a lot of upsides.

At first thought, Hardison is nothing more than another arm for training camp, but I wouldn't rule this guy out making a push for the practice squad. The Dolphins will not carry four quarterbacks on the roster, including the fourth being on the PS. Here is why you should pay attention, though.

If Hardison has a good camp and shows enough ability to be developed, he could make Grier and Mike McDaniel look closer at the competition between Mike White and Skylar Thompson. One of those two will not make the team and will become the emergency third quarterback who will be on the practice squad. If that player is White, he may not land on the PS and sign elsewhere. That opens the door for Hardison to be the emergency quarterback for the Dolphins. He will need to have a great training camp, but it is worth keeping an eye on as things progress.