5 dream scenarios for the Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel this season

Will a deep postseason run be on the way for Miami?
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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3. Cam Smith plays at a strong level

Cam Smith was a second-round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2023. The jury is still out on his abilities and whether he can play at the NFL level. During his rookie campaign, Smith found himself in Fangio’s doghouse. Reasons for Smith’s inactivity were never made clear and always kept ambiguous by Fangio.

Smith only played in 47 snaps during last season. Some undrafted free agent rookies got more playing time than the former South Carolina standout. Ramsey defended Smith, going as far as praising the rookie’s game. Chris Grier has noticed Smith and his approach to this year’s offseason.

The loss of Xavien Howard leaves quite a void at the corner position entering 2024. Having been able to watch an entire season from the sidelines and work with Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill should be a great boost for Smith.

If Smith can come in and play at a strong level, Miami’s defense can concentrate on other areas of the football field. Injuries aside, Miami needs corner help. Weaver and McDaniel are hoping that help is already in the locker room and not something they have to address outside of Hard Rock Stadium.