5 free agents without work who the Miami Dolphins should call

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The Miami Dolphins don't have to wait for the NFL Draft to add to their roster there are still good free agents still available to kick the tires on.

Miami still has needs. We have discussed them previously and you can see how the roster looks now, by going here. Now that the frenzy of free agency is over and the first tiers are gone as well as most of the 2nd, it's time for the Dolphins to start looking into other players that can fill out the roster.

Before we jump in, the one player that I will continue to bang my fist for is Hunter Renfrow. Renfrow has been on every "still available or must sign" article I have done. This is his mention for this one. At 28 years old, Renfrow has a lot to still offer. He was simply not used the right way in Las Vegas.

This isn't about Renfrow, however, because we all know Miami wants Odell Beckham, Jr. Maybe they view Kim Kardashian as their Taylor Swift, seriously though, here are players that could help the Dolphins.

Justin Simmons

As long as Simmons remains on the market, the Dolphins should have interest. If Anthony Weaver wants to run a 3-high safety look, Simmons would make a lot of sense and the Dolphins would have a stellar deep secondary that will be hard to beat.

Simmons won't be cheap but he shouldn't be extremely expensive either. The Dolphins could make a contract work if they want him. The Dolphins' safety position consists of 2 players right now, Jevon Holland and Jordan Poyer. Simmons will make the secondary almost elite.