5 free agents without work who the Miami Dolphins should call

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Other notables remaining free agents

Calais Campbell: Campbell's career is in the final years of his NFL career and frankly, it would shock anyone if he retired. He has 16 seasons under his belt and three of them were spent with Weaver in Baltimore. Last year he played for the Falcons.

It's funny that Campbell started all 17 games for Atlanta in 2023 and he started every game he played in the three seasons prior with the Ravens. Does he have one more year left? He could be a perfect bridge to the return of Chubb and Phillips and provide Miami with a well-established situational pass-rusher.

Adoree Jackson: The Dolphins could look to add some extra corner help, it can't hurt. Jackson's price may be a little high but he is worth watching. He spent the last three years with the Giants and started 36 of 37 games he played in.

Tyler Boyd: Boyd rounds out this list. Another WR that Miami could use but it is unclear what he wants to be paid. Clearly, Chris Grier has a number in his mind and he isn't going to waiver from it. One FA who was reportedly on the Dolphins' radar said he was not interested in joining the Dolphins WR room because the Dolphins were paying less than they thought they deserved. That player could be any of the WRs on this list. Maybe Boyd.