5 intriguing camp battles Dolphins fans can already starting thinking about

From free agency additions to the draft, the Dolphins will have great battles in camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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2. Mike White vs. Skylar Thompson

This shouldn't be much of a competition in typical years, but a new NFL rule has changed that. Teams no longer need to carry three QBs on the roster because a practice squad quarterback can now dress every game to serve as the emergency QB. This will make for an interesting competition in Miami.

Mike White should be the odds-on favorite to make the 53-man roster, but because of this new rule, he will need to win it because there are no guarantees that Miami will want to expose Thompson to the waiver wire. White would likely be claimed as well, but the Dolphins would at least get some cap money back by releasing White if the two quarterbacks are close in a competition.

White will make just over $5 million, but Miami can recover $3.5 million from that contract should he be released. Conversely, Skylar Thompson is just under the top 51 cutoff. If released, he will only count $1 million against the cap, with only $41,000 in dead money.

Money won't define this competition, and the Dolphins are not going to make a decision based on who is getting paid more. However, if all things are closer to equal, they may opt to save the money and risk White over risking Thompson.

It is highly possible Miami will bring in a fifth quarterback. They signed undrafted free agent Gavin Hardison, a UTEP prospect, but Hardison is coming off Tommy John surgery. It will be interesting if Miami makes a move here. Regardless of who they add or don't add for camp, the competition between Thompson and White will be the one to watch.