5 Miami Dolphins BOLD predictions for the 2024 off-season

The Miami Dolphins will face an interesting 2024 offseason and several moves could impact the next several years.
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The Dolphins opt to restructure Xavien Howard rather than release him.

It shouldn't be a major or "bold" prediction that Xavien Howard has played his final games with the Miami Dolphins because he very easily could be released but restructured.

Howard hasn't played at a Pro Bowl level for a few years and has made more headlines off the field than on them. Still, the Dolphins are facing a critical off-season where money is a problem and Howard represents a lot of money.

Miami will consider making Howard a post-June 1st release and save nearly $19 million but that money won't come until after June 1st. Miami needs money sooner. A restructure will save $12 million and change immediately and the Dolphins can address Howard's future ahead of the 2025 season when the contract is far more digestible.

Xavien Howard
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Howard is likely to take the restructure as it will put more "real" money in his pocket unless he believes that becoming a free agent will be more beneficial and forces the Dolphins' hand by not accepting a restructure.

Howard's time in Miami is coming to a close and 2023 could very well have been his final season but I think he gets one more on a restructured deal.