5 Miami Dolphins players likely playing their last season with the team

Will the 2024 season be the last for these Miami players?
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4. Jevon Holland

Could Jevon Holland be playing his final season with the Dolphins? Fans do not want an answer to this question, but until he signs an extension, he will be a free agent at the end of the 2024 season. Ideally, the Dolphins will lock up Holland this year and not have to watch the market go up a season from now.

Miami doesn't have the money to complete a deal in 2024, but after June 1, $18 million will become available, and a Tua Tagovailoa extension could free up more cash to extend the Dolphins' top secondary defender. Chris Grier has to make a big decision with Holland - pay him or let him walk. The Dolphins could tag Holland prior to the start of the 2025 season, and if they don't extend him before that opening window, Grier would be wise to use the tag.

Even if Grier intended to tag and trade Holland, the tag makes sense. Miami may not want to carry the tag price into the season, so getting him under contract is imperative. Of course, the Dolphins could let him hit free agency and move on.

It wouldn't be ideal to let Holland walk, and the good news for fans is that Miami didn't draft a replacement for him this year, but they could have. Holland should be a Dolphins safety for another four years, but until he is signed, it isn't done, and he is in the last year of his contract.