5 Miami Dolphins players likely playing their last season with the team

Will the 2024 season be the last for these Miami players?
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3. Liam Eichenberg

Liam Eichenberg will finish the 2024 season and become a free agent when the 2025 league year begins. Dolphins fans will be more upset if Grier gives him an extension. Honestly, he has value to the team.

Eichenberg may not be a Pro Bowl-caliber lineman and likely never will be. He isn't as tough as many thought he was coming out of college, but he is consistently average or above. He isn't going to make incredibly hard blocks, but he has a versatility that allows him to play several line positions, including center and guard.

Will that be enough to convince Grier to extend him? Grier has a habit of giving money to players who may not be the best at what they do. He also tends to give them low deals, and in that respect, Eichenberg might be worth a lower-end extension, given his depth value.

Regardless, this is a critical year for Eichenberg. If the price works, the Dolphins will likely keep him around if he plays well. If not, 2024 will be his last season.