5 Miami Dolphins players that could be sent to the Colts in a trade for Jonathan Taylor

As Miami Dolphins fans wait out word on a potential trade for Jonathan Taylor, many are already asking what compensation may look like. Players could be involved in the deal.

Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Duke Riley (45) and teammates stand for
Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Duke Riley (45) and teammates stand for / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Naturally, when Miami Dolphins fans start talking about making a trade, the topic tends to focus on draft pick compensation. So far, as it relates to Miami's interest in Jonathan Taylor, the draft compensation has ranged from a 2nd round pick to a 3rd plus another day three selection.

There is also the possibility of a player being involved in any trade and it is likely that should the Dolphins make a move, a player will be leaving Miami for Indianapolis as well.

When the rumors first began, many speculated that Christian Wilkins could be part of the deal. Why? Because he remains unsigned, has a cheap one-year contract, and is a top NFL player that Miami may not be able to retain. That talk has quited down quite a bit in the last 24 hours but what players could be involved in a trade?

Some names may be big, some names may not carry much more than an opportunity to sweeten the pot...even just a little.

Noah Igbinoghene

It would be ironic, almost poetic in a dark evil sort of way should Igbinoghene be a part of any trade. Remember that a player doesn't have to be a top of the line player to get a deal done but he could provide depth for the Colts.

The reason Igbinoghene would be fitting? Miami opted to draft him over Taylor who was taken a couple of picks after Robert Hunt in round two. In Miami, Igbinoghene hasn't done too much and 2023 will likely be his last with the Dolphins.

Emmanuel Ogbah

The Dolphins will have to eat a big chunk of money should Ogbah be traded to the Colts. The Dolphins are paying him $17 million this year and releasing him is not an option. The Dolphins have been rumored to be shopping their DE/DT for the last week.

If Miami were to trade Ogbah and did not eat any of this contract, they would save $15 million in cap space and eat only $2 million but more than likely, the Dolphins would need to eat over half of that contract to facilitate a deal with the Colts.

The move would make sense for both teams but Ogbah and his contract are not enticing and Ogbah without his contract is only marginally better.

Jeff Wilson, Jr.

This could go a lot of different ways. Wilson is a favorite of Mike McDaniel but so is Raheem Mostert. It would make more sense for the Dolphins to trade Salvon Ahmed or Myles Gaskin but Wilson has more to offer.

The reality is the Colts are losing a RB and Miami has plenty of them so chances are, one of Miami's running backs will be included, it's just a question of which one. My bet would be Wilson.

Cedrick Wilson, Jr.

There has been a lot of talk about Miami moving on from Wilson and while he hasn't looked bad through camp so far, Miami is stacked at WR and Wilson is expendable. Especially if it gets a deal done for Taylor.

Trading for Wilson would cost the Colts $7 million on his remaining contract but the Dolphins could absorb some of that to make it more appealing. The Colts could use help at WR and Miami could provide plenty of it, even outside of Wilson if the Colts didn't want him.

Raekwon Davis

Despite wearing the orange practice jersey this week, there has been some speculation that Davis could be the odd man out for a new contract next season at DT. The Colts don't "need" DT help as much as they do linebacker but Davis could be a throw in since the Dolphins have liked what they have seen in Brandon Pili.

If not Davis and they want a linebacker, don't be surprised if Channing Tindall's name comes up. He is young, on a rookie deal, and has potential. The Colts could use depth at LB and Tindall could see more playing time there.