5 Miami Dolphins players under the most pressure in 2024

The Miami Dolphins have yet to make any roster moves of significance but five players will be under the most scrutiny heading into the 2024 season.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Jevon Holland has no 5th year cushion in his contract and 2024 could be his last with the Miami Dolphins.

Jevon Holland

Holland is a lot of fun to watch but 2024 is a contract year and players tend to play at a different level when they are facing a new contract. For Holland, he will get paid after the 2024 season either by the Dolphins or by another team.

How much he gets paid will be on him. If Holland turns in a season like he has had the first three years of his career, he can expect an average contract for a safety of his talent. If he takes the next step forward in his career and makes the Pro Bowl, he will get paid a contract that borders the top of the league.

Holland has the tools to be elite but he has to make that jump. So far he has shown flashes and while Dolphins fans love watching him on the field, there is something that seems just out of reach for him. He needs to reach it and he needs to exploit it. 2024 will decide his future with the Dolphins or give him the resume to attack free agency with a top NFL deal.