5 Miami Dolphins players under the most pressure in 2024

The Miami Dolphins have yet to make any roster moves of significance but five players will be under the most scrutiny heading into the 2024 season.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Dolphins saw fit to extend Austin Jackson midway through the 2023 season and now the pressure is on Jackson to prove he is worth it.

Austin Jackson

It was ironic that of all the players along the offensive line, Austin Jackson was the one who remained the healthiest and started every game for the Dolphins in 2023. The only lineman to do so.

Now that he has a new contract, he has to play up to it. The Dolphins have committed to Jackson for the foreseeable future and the pressure will be on Jackson not only to earn the pay increase but continue to grow, develop, and play more consistently. In 2023, he did all of those, now he has to do it again.

If Jackson slides next season, the Dolphins will look like fools for giving him an extension after one good season. Prior to 2023, Jackson was a turnstile on the outside and fans figured he would be gone after four seasons. Injuries and some of the most inconsistent play had him branded a bust. In 2023, he proved that wrong.

Now, he has to get better. A full season should help his growth and that is what he will be expected to do next year.