5 Miami Dolphins players who were supposed to trend up but have trended way down so far through training camp

With the Miami Dolphins first pre-season game hitting Friday, training camp has gone from the two-a-day all-in practices and class work to preparing for a game while still evaluating talent.
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The 2023 Miami Dolphins season is about to start on Friday night with the first of three pre-season games. With training camp moving into the next phase of evaluation, several players who were expected or at the very least hoped to get it together have gone the other way. Can they lift themselves up before the start of the season?

We could spend hours talking about how players like Noah Igbinoghene are not making the strides that you would think a four year veteran would make. Under Vic Fangio, Igbinoghene should at least make some forward momentum but through these weeks, that hasn't happened.

Igbinoghene wasn't expected to make a jump. Fans were hoping that would be the case but that has not come to fruition just yet. We are not including him in this group because after speaking with many fans, the expectations for Igbo were not that high entering camp.

We start this list with Emmanuel Ogbah who is one of the highets paid players on the roster. Vic Fangio should be salivating at the defensive front he has but so far in camp, the Dolphins have slid Ogbah inline on the defensive front.

Some concerns are depth at the DT position and the belief is that Ogbah can provide the team with more options with him being able to go from an edge rusher to a down defensive lineman next to Wilkins, Sieler, or Davis.

If this works, great but many fans were hoping to see Ogbah excel off the edge and give the Dolphins a big one-two punch with Chubb and Phillips coming off the other side. Should we be worried? Not at all. While he makes this list for not being what we expected, Ogbah still should contribute a lot to the Dolphins defense but we have to be honest as well. This is the last year for Ogbah in Miami, his salary is just too high to carry.