5 Miami Dolphins players who were supposed to trend up but have trended way down so far through training camp

With the Miami Dolphins first pre-season game hitting Friday, training camp has gone from the two-a-day all-in practices and class work to preparing for a game while still evaluating talent.
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Austin Jackson is another turnstyle on the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins that simply isn't developing fast enough.

The excuses for Jackson have been more consistent than Jackson's play on the field. While I have yet to watch a practice session live this year there has not been much in the way of positive accolades coming from those in attendance.

It was believed that Jackson's biggest problem was coaching but the Dolphins have changed offensive line coaches each of the past four years and so far, none of them have solved the problem at right tackle and each of them have coached Jackson. Maybe the lack of continuity is the problem.

Miami did not pick up Jackson's 5th year option earlier this year which is no suprise. He would need to have an incredible season in 2023 to return to the Dolphins in 2024 or he signs a short-term extension that pays him a lot less.

Jackson isn't making anyone look in his direction as an answer.