5 Miami Dolphins players who were supposed to trend up but have trended way down so far through training camp

With the Miami Dolphins first pre-season game hitting Friday, training camp has gone from the two-a-day all-in practices and class work to preparing for a game while still evaluating talent.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Erik Ezukanma should be lighting up the practice field. A lock to make the 53, so far he has shown small flashes but not much more than that.

Ezukanma struggled to learn the playbook last year in his rookie season and that kept him inactive on game day most of the year. Maybe expectations were too high this year. Maybe the talent at the position is just too deep for him to showcase his reps consistently.

No matter what the reason, for every day we hear a report that he makes a great catch we go a day or so more before hearing his name again. Is this something that Dolphins fans should be worried about?

If Ezukanma doesn't turn it up this year will he have a roster spot next year? How long will Miami continue to try and develop a player?

For Ez-E the talent is there and no one questions it. The big question is only why are we not hearing or seeing him do more? This is a player that entering this year was supposed to be fighting for the 3rd WR on the team but Miami has him 4th on the depth chart, not that the DC carries much weight at this point.